TL;DR version:

Jihyun Kim is a writer and a translator based in Seoul.

Her latest project is The Koreanist, a site where she advocates for Korean perspectives.

She studies physics and computer science at Konkuk University.

The whole spiel:

She was born in 1994 in Seoul. Jihyun means “knowledge and wisdom” and it is her life mission to live up to that name.

An avid reader since childhood, writing also came natural to her. She was always scribbling things in her notebook. She would write about anything and everything, fiction and non-fiction. But it was not until her first year in university that she learned writing was her calling. She took a creative writing course because it was required, and it took her by surprise when her professor praised her work and suggested she write professionally.

She writes in two languages. She learned to read and write Korean well before kindergarten, so she became bored when her kindergarten tried to teach how to read. Her parents ended up sending her to an international school kindergarten where they taught in English. She got an early start to learning a second language, and ended up bilingual.

At her core, she is a young woman still trying to figure out her purpose and find her place in this world. There’s no telling where she’ll find herself next, and she is equal parts anxious and excited about it.

More fun facts about Jihyun:

  • She finds writing in third person about herself amusing.
  • She frequents live jazz performances and techno clubs. She even makes her own music sometimes.
  • She could probably eat pasta every day for the rest of her life.
  • Her favorite country outside of Korea is Vietnam.
  • The longest she spent on a train is 75 hours, from Vladivostok to Irkutsk.
  • She has one younger sister, and unlike most siblings, they have never fought.
  • She is currently learning Spanish.